What is Web-based Servicing and Why you Need it!

Are you paying high fees to service your loans?

MAX is affordable and our prices are clearly stated on our website. There are no hidden fees, no confusing "modules" to add, no long distance telephone charges, and unlimited technical support is included for one low quarterly fee.

Are you still using a spreadsheet or outdated software to
keep track of your loans?

MAX combines the latest Windows technology with user-friendly screens to make loan servicing a breeze. You can view some of the MAX screens right on our website. There is a "Help" button on every screen which takes you directly to the MAX Manual or to our website if you are connected to the Internet. If there is a function you require and it is not already included in MAX, our programmers can work with you to create a customized screen.

MAX makes processing cash easy by providing a one step process for all types of cash entry. MAX prints payment coupons, late payment reminders, and late payment notices at the correct time. Delinquency reports and collection notes help your people keep on top of their accounts. Each note has two tickler dates and a remove date for easy maintenance.

MAX provides online Inquiries that give you up-to-the-minute account status and history with the touch of a finger. The Utility Letter feature allows you to generate form letters using information directly from the MAX database.

Need reports and flexible processing?

MAX includes extensive reporting in all areas. There are two report menus that contain on-request reports available whenever you need them. Other reports are produced automatically during normal processing cycles such as End-of-day, End-of-month, and End-of-year. Within these cycles, you have the opportunity to bypass selected reports if you do not need them.

MAX provides user-defined fields for the most flexible processing. You can choose daily or monthly interest accruals, used-defined escrow categories, even what processing to allow for selected loan status codes. You can download loan information into Database or ASCII text files using our ASCII interface. Database data structures are provided.

Do you do FANNIE MAE or Credit Bureau Reporting? Do you have lots of investors or more than one company?

MAX handles Laser Reporting and MORENT transmission files allowing you to produce your FNMA reports at month end in a single step. You can then send your transmission file over the Internet saving hours of labor and paper handling. MAX does actual to actual. MAX also handles pooling and participations. Automated credit bureau reporting using the METRO 272 format is included and investors can be paid by checks generated by the MAX system.

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