Robust Reporting

MAX includes extensive reporting in all areas. Emphasis has been placed on management and control that is critical in all accounting applications. There is a report menu that contains on request reports available at any time. Other reports are produced automatically during normal processing cycles such as End-of-Day and End-of-Month. Within these cycles, you have the opportunity to bypass selected reports when they are not needed by your operation. Samples of the reports and screens used in the system can be viewed in the Guided Tour that can be accessed from the link on the home page.

• New account amortization
• Loan amortization schedules

Adjustable Rate Reports
• Arm interest/payment changes
• Graduating principal report
• Index file maintenance
• List arm accounts
• Payment change notices
• Rate change amortization
• Rate change notices set
• Loans to arm status
• Index rate listing

Cash Reports
• Adjustment batch edit
• Apply unapplied cash
• Batch deletion request
• Cash receipts edit
• Cash register receipt
• Disbursement posting
• List unapplied cash balances
• Payment reversal edit
• Post adjustments
• Post cash receipts
• Post cash reversals
• Daily interest accruals
• Cash flow reports on request interest accrual

Investor Reports
• Display investor balances
• Group control / forecast
• Investor checks & vouchers
• Investor payable check work file
• Investor remittance report
• Monthly transaction summary recap
• Post remittance disbursements
• Transaction posting
• Transaction summary weekly
• Transaction summary recap

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Escrow Accounting
• Initial escrow disclosure
• Account history/projections
• Escrow category listing
• Escrow category maintenance
• Escrow interest accruals
• Escrow payment breakdown
• Escrow posting report
• Post escrow interest
• Insurance payable report
• Real estate tax report

Fannie Mae Reporting
• Assign fnma action codes to loans
• Assign loan status codes
• FNMA action code file listing
• FNMA action code file maint.
• FNMA laser edit report
• FNMA loan activity report
• FNMA loan activity summary
• Loans with assigned action codes

Collection Reports
• Collection notes
• Collection summary
• Delinquent loans
• Payment coupons
• Delinquent trial balance
• Late charge generation report
• Late charge mailing labels
• Late charge notices
• Loan administration aging rpt
• Loan payoff calculations
• Loans reaching maturity loan history year to date
• Paid off loans trial balance
• Utility letter print
• Late charge balances for
• Current loans

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Investor Pooling Reports
• Investor pool membership set up
• List participants by number
• List pool master by number
• List/verify pool members
• Participant collection summary
• Participant pool inquiry
• Participant year to date summary
• Pool collection summary
• Pool file maintenance
• Pool loan inquiry
• Participant collection summary
• Pool participant inquiry
• Pool participant listing
• Pool participant maintenance
• Pool trial balance
• Guaranteed payment setup
• Guaranteed payment generate

Miscellaneous Reports
• Mailing labels
• Month-end report requests
• Name/address list
• New loans this month
• Outstanding loan report
• Plan/rate trial balance
• Prepaid trial balance trial
• Balance by user type
• Daily trial balance
• Year end tax interest stmts.
• List journal entries
• Add/change hud code
• HUD escrow disclosure reporting
• FHA annual disclosure statements
• Insurance premiums voucher
• Daily interest accrual
• List pending journal entries
• Y-T-D service fees


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Adjustable Rate Reports
Cash Reports
Investor Reports
Escrow Accounting
Fannie Mae Reporting
Collection Reports
Investor Pooling Reports
Miscellaneous Reports