Office Integration


Create custom letters or forms in Microsoft WORD. Select data fields from your loan records and MAX and MINIMAX will automatically insert the information you select from the MAX database into the letters or forms.

Below is a list of data fields you can populate within your Microsoft Word document:

Loan Number Borrower Name Mail Address 1 & 2
Mail City Mail State Mail Zip Code
Interest Rate Paid Through Date Next Due Date
Principal Balance Escrow Balance Late Charge Balance
Unapplied Balance Total Payment Due Closing Date
Maturity Date Payment Frequency YTD Principal Paid
YTD Interest Paid YTD Escrow Paid YTD Unapplied Paid
Original Principal Tax Id Next Payment Change
Date Next Interest Rate
Next P&I Amount Margin
Next Interest Change Date Next payment Amt Rate Cap
Current Escrow PMT Current P&I Payment Pmt Cap
Current Total Payment Current Index Rate Pmts Remaining
Estimated Principal
Net Payment Change Work Phone
Property Address Home Phone Collateral
Legal Descriptions    

The system also provides custom automated adjustable rate letters via Microsoft Word which print at the appropriate time for both payment and rate changes.

Microsoft ACCESS
With the click of a button MAX will generate ASCII Text files which can be imported into any standard Xbase data structure, word processor or spread sheet.

MAX allows you to download all of your data into the latest version of the Microsoft ACCESS Database. We provide the ACCESS Database during installation. Simply bring up ACCESS, click on the import macro and you will be able to generate your own reports and inquiry screens. You will be able to add or change data, sort or filter data, and do computations. ACCESS is currently the most powerful and versatile database on the market.







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