Anywhere, Anytime Access

When you use the MAX Loan Servicing WEB Access Subscription service, your employees can access all of their files and loans using MAX Loan Servicing and Microsoft Office programs. Other remote computing systems restrict you to certain workstations or require you to download software before you can log in. That's fine if you're at home, but what if you need to access a loan from a client's home? From the library? From a coffee house? With MAX Loan Servicing, it doesn't matter where you are or what PC you're using as long as your Web browser can access the internet. Employees access their files and loans through a corporate portal and they are brought to their own secure virtual desktop.

Use the MAX Loan Servicing WEB Access Subscription Service and you will be able to grow your net branch faster than ever. Start new branches overnight--new employees simply log onto the Web, sign-on and they are ready to work! So get control of your net branches and pull live reports at any time. You can check activity on a real-time basis from any computer.

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• Remote Computing
• Data Protection
• Reduce Your Costs
• Support
• Net Branching Made Easy
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• Custom Code
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