The MAX Loan Servicing System Demo is a live version of the MAX package. This demo can be run from any workstation (PC) with internet access. A very small file will be installed on the your machine to enable the full software to run*. This demo works the exact same way as if you were a subscriber to the Web Access subscription service. All function are also identical to the in-house version which can be loaded directly on your in-house system.

Access to the demo requires a user-id and password which can be obtained by calling Philip D. Lewis or e-mail your request to When you are working with the demo, we will shadow your session so that we can answer any of your questions and show you in detail how the system can meet your needs.

Start the Demo

*The process usually runs on its own since there is a check in the Web page that looks for the file. If the file is not installed, it begins the install process. In a few cases, the file will not install properly and the user must do it manually.




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