Flexible Functionality

To accommodate various operating needs, MAX was developed with flexibility in mind. Wherever possible, choices can be made at the company or investor level and you can over-ride at the loan level when necessary. We provide many user defined fields. You may select daily or monthly interest accruals, user defined escrow categories, even what processing to allow for selected loan status codes. You may download loan information into the Microsoft® ACCESS database for custom reports or you can use the MAX interface to Microsoft® WORD for custom letters.

And that's just the beginning. We can customize the system to meet your needs. Customization is our specialty. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the system you need, the way you want it. We bill for only the time it takes to make the changes and we bill at our standard rate.

If FNMA or Credit Bureau reporting is in your future, Classic Software offers the least expensive software on the market.







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