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BENEFITS of WEB Based Services

No more compiling data from all your branches, no e-mailing or overnight files back and forth, no keying and rekeying data. Subscribe to MAX Loan Servicing, and you will be able to consolidate everything into a centralized database in one location and be able to access those files from any workstation in the world!

CSI provides a networking solution that works with your existing hardware. We can even load your existing software. This can provide a total Web access solution for your company.

How do we do it? We host MAX Loan Servicing and all your selected software and files in our state-of-the-art data center. Your users simply sign onto our Web site using Microsoft Internet Explorer and access all of your files. Centralizing your loan database means you will be able to distribute work over multiple branches. This enables loans officers in separate offices work on the same loan in the same day.

And since you are accessing our network, hiring someone to update your network and workstations with the latest software is a thing of the past. That's because we do all the updating for you. Everyone in your company will be using the same software version automatically.

Your employees can access all of their files and loans using MAX Loan Servicing and Microsoft Office programs. Other remote computing systems restrict you to certain workstations or require you to download software before you can log in. That's fine if you're at home, but what if you need to access a loan from a client's home? From the library? From a coffee house? With MAX Loan Servicing, it doesn't matter where you are or what PC you're using as long as you're using Internet Explorer. Employees access their files and loans through a corporate portal and they are brought to their own secure virtual desktop.

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Previously thought of as an extra measure of protection, today's loan company has to take cyber threats and natural disasters seriously. Think you've got it covered? Ask around. The computer store variety of packaged virus protection will prevent some viruses, but it's the digital equivalent of using an umbrella in a hurricane. And that sprinkler system above your head would likely render your computers useless in a fire.

So what is the best way to protect against all unwanted attacks and disaster? Host your data with CSI where we deploy disaster recovery, including gas-based fire suppression, generator back ups, and industrial strength virus scanning software. Since files are housed on our secure network behind firewall protection, your information receives network level security (NLS) when you're using MAX Loan Servicing. Users can access their files--and their files only! And for the utmost protection, we back up your files daily and house them offsite in a bank vault for added security.

Ever look into the cost of networking your branches yourself? Even if you have the hefty funds to build it, you still need some high quality employees to run and maintain it. Why bother when you can use CSI? CSI provides a networking service that does it all! You are charged a monthly per loan fee with unlimited access.

And what about the future? Need to hire another computer employee or consultant? Need to buy and install the new Microsoft Operating software, or buy or upgrade your Pc's? CSI supplies the OS software upgrades. The hardware you have now will work great years from now!

MAX Loan Servicing is a service of CSI. We provide a comprehensive, full service multi-leveled support. The Network Help Desk is manned Monday - Friday 8:00am-8:00 PM. A 24-hour manned messaging email service is available 7-days-a-week including holidays. Phone calls received when the Help Desk is not manned will be received by an automated voice response system and an on-call technician will return the call within 30 minutes.

Application Support is available Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

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Starting a net branch is a great way to quickly grow your business, but anyone who runs a net branch will tell the government has come down hard on net branches, making it difficult for them to become approved FHA lenders. The biggest objection? Keeping those independents compliant. Well MAX Loan Servicing can help!

Use MAX Loan Servicing and you will be able to grow your net branch faster than ever. Start new branches overnight--new employees simply log onto the Web, sign-on and they are ready to work! So get control of your net branches and pull live reports at any time. You can check activity on a real-time basis from any computer.

MAX Loan Servicing seamlessly integrates loan servicing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft ACCESS database, credit reporting, and FNMA Laser programs through your own Web portal. CSI anticipates adding origination to our offerings in the 4th quarter 2002.

Unlike many other software providers, CSI can modify our loan software to meet your specific requirements. Many companies have unique requirements and CSI can meet those requirements in one of two ways. Custom programs can be written to your specifications. Or you may download the data from MAX to a Microsoft ACCESS database and generate required reports and even do ad hoc inquires.

A monthly subscription service that provides unlimited usage of Microsoft products, and private file access to a centralized the company's database, eliminating the need for software maintenance or hardware upgrades. CSI is a Web-based, software delivery service that enables companies to securely network their multiple locations without the use of networking equipment or personnel.

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